3in1- Crafter's Hot Knife, 4" Wire Hot Knife & Router - $199.00
This set has the fast, high power for large cuts and the detailed cutting for patterns with the Crafters Hot Knife and FREE hand router. Features and Benefits of the Crafter's Hot Knife * Rigid Stainless Steel Blade will not bend, warp or break * Economical and Durable * Up to 750 degrees F * Heats up in 1 minute * 110 AV, 130 watts * 6' Electric Cord Free Hand Router This tool has everything a model maker could want. The Freehand Router with Stiff Wires is unique for forming and cutting specialized shapes with bendable blades. Includes the Heavy Duty Pro Power Station Free Hand Router: This is our most powerful and versetile hot wire . Comes with 5 ultra-stiff, yet shapable 8" wires that bolt onto the arms. Arms are short for a high level of control. Serious sculptors, modelers and architectual designers and contractors helped design this tool to fit their needs. These two items come from two locations in separate packaging. For information about wholesale programs, contact Lorraine Marshall
  • Item #: CHK/K40F

3in1- Crafter's Hot Knife, 4" Wire Hot Knife & Router - $199.00

Price: $199.00
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