5.5" PRO-1 Hot Knife Blade Style Cutter, $99.95
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PRESS RELEASE Burbank, Calif. (September 21, 2005) -- Finally, professionals in insulated concrete forms, General Insulation and (EIFS), Warehouse Packaging, get the right tool at the right price with the PRO-1 Hot Knife. Set to roll out in the fall of 2005, TL Marshall Company re-vamped the Crafter's Hot Knife and took it from hobby grade to heavy duty with premium upgrades ready to tackle most any industrial job. The most distinguishing difference of The PRO-1 Hot Knife is the rigid, 5-1/2" Stainless Steel blade construction without attachments. It slices cleanly through high-density foam, insulated concrete forms, wax and other materials that melt. An improved injection molded, easy grip handle allows a firm grip without twisting the wrist. The vent system in the mid-section dissipates heat and prevents overheating in the blade and handle. The upgraded three-prong plug and heavy duty cord delivers the power of three heat settings and maintains up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures consistently for up to 48 hours. Unit includes stand and sled. "We knew we had something good when we hit the market four years ago with our hobby market hot knife and now our new PRO-1 Hot Knife will be making it's mark in construction and packaging," says TL Marshall Company president, Lorraine Marshall. "The simple, single-blade design effectively cuts wiring channels through insulated concrete forms and carves electrical boxes by using the flat of our 5/8" blade. We took the durability of our Stainless Steel blade and combined it into a new tool that won't shut off to cool and is hot enough to do the job quickly and effectively." Seasoned builders, packagers, and hard core hobbyists now have a professional hot knife to meet their industrial needs at an affordable price of $99.95, a full $100.00 less than available industrial model hot knives. Get it while its HOT! Check out our website for details at www.pro1hotknife.com. Features and Benefits of the PRO-1 Hot Knife * Rigid Stainless Steel Blade will not bend or wrap. * For Construction, PRO-1 Cuts free hand electrical boxes, beam pockets, electrical/ plumbing channels, utility hole passes, and more. * Contours and shapes architectural embellishments and irregular shapes in foam. * Economical and Durable * Won't shut down to cool * High, Medium and Low heat settings * Up to 750 degrees F * One Cut opens more than 1/4" wire channel * Sled (depth gauge) and Stand included * Heats up in under 1 minute * 110 AV, 130 watts * 90 Day Warranty * 6' Electric Cord For information about retail or wholesale programs, contact Lorraine Marshall toll-free at 1-800-856-1009 or via e-mail at tlmarshallco@aol.com

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5.5" PRO-1 Hot Knife Blade Style Cutter, $99.95

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