Detachable Big Bow & Table $1299.00
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L-G-S The L-G-S combines two tools into one: a functional foam cutting table with a hand-held cutting bow for free handed cutting. The L-G-S is equipped with a strong transformer, large strike ledge, and two support tracks for large blocks. Repetitive and angular cuts are done fast and easy. * Cutting length of up to 1010 mm (40.5 inches) * Cutting thickness of up to 14 inches * Clean cuts without shavings * Especially useful to lend to your customers * Suited for angle cuts * Folding cutting arm to save space * 10 Easy exchangeable cutting wires * 40 V transformer * The hanging construction for the cutting wire is equipped with springs on both sides to extend the life of the cutting wires * Two support tracks for larger pieces of material * Detachable cutting arm * One Year Limited Warranty

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Detachable Big Bow & Table $1299.00

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